Irbis Tech develops new technology for wildlife research. We strive to deliver reliable, user-friendly products that make life in the field easier for the researcher. At the same time, care for animals and nature are at the heart of everything we do.


We develop our products in close contact with a reference team of wildlife researchers. When we start discussions with a new customer, we make sure to understand the customer's needs. If practical, we are happy to adapt the product to each customer's wishes. When the product has been delivered, we stay in contact to make sure that you get started in a good way. And we value your feedback very highly! It gives us a chance to make even better products.


In wildlife research, failure in a technical system can have devastating consequences if not handled properly. Irbis Tech strives to deliver robust and reliable products. We use reliable components tested in extreme weather conditions. Our products use redundancy and self-testing for improved reliability.


Our first product is the Irbis System, an automated system that takes the hazzle out of VHF transmitter monitoring. The Irbis System has been sold to several customers and is currently in use in longterm studies of snow leopards in three Asian countries.


You can read more about the Irbis System here.

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